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"Do You Like Traveling?"

By Kortney Alexis, Founder

Alexis Travels is a travel agency designed to help people who are looking for the highest quality at the best price within their budget for transportation, accommodations, amenities, dining options, adventures, exciting excursions and activities for themselves and their companions.  My name is Kortney Alexis, and I would love to be your personal travel agent!


I am fortunate to have a great team of supporters who have worked with me to develop Alexis Travels.  We started this company because we care about people and we love to travel!  As a child, it was an exciting experience to fly in an airplane, while overlooking the fields, towns and cities from a heightened perspective, literally.  We've also had great experiences by taking long, scenic road trips, visiting historical places, making routine stops at old time favorites like Stuckey's or Shoney's.  I personally have fond memories of traveling from Atlanta to New Orleans or Pittsburgh to see my grandparents during summer vacation or holidays, as well as traveling to various cities for cheerleading competitions. 


One of the joys of life is to be able to do something you love every day, and get paid for it!  After college, I decided to seek employment with an airline company.  I started out in customer service, working primarily over the phone.  Through this experience, I had the opportunity to hear and address many of the challenges that people face when trying to make their travel plans.  My experience motivated me to pursue a career as a flight attendant, so that I could join those customers and provide a more personal level of customer service - best move ever!  It is a wonderful privilege to be able to help others to enjoy new experiences while traveling to Las Vegas one week and Aruba the next.  Most importantly, I want to assist as many people as possible who want to visit with family and friends or get away for a relaxing time in a beautiful location in the style of comfort they desire, all while staying within their budgets for vacation or even emergencies. Therefore, out of a love for travel and a heart for people, Alexis Travels was born!


Our philosophy is, if we consistently provide excellent service at an affordable cost, then our clients will establish loyalty and refer our services to others. Everyone wins!  So, how can Alexis Travels assist you today?

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